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All Integrating Check Valves come complete with dry break fittings and are supplied with both, dust caps and HQ Stainless Steel hose clamps.
Partnumber Accessorie Price 11002500 L2323 - Female plug € 37,50
Made  in USA
Terms: All prices are without VAT & EX warehouse Merelbeke – Belgium. RVF NV reserves the right to alter prices at any time without notice.
Partnumber ICV - Type Price 11002120 2586 - 19mm Hose OD € 265,- 11002130 2585 - 25mm Hose OD € 270,- 11002110 2340 - 16mm Hose OD € 265,- Partnumber ICV - Type Price 11002220 CV1.75HT-JT - 45mm Hose OD € 285,- 11002210 CV1.50HT-JT - 38mm Hose OD € 280,- Integrating Check Valve for Hot Head JrPRO Heater
Hot Head Integrating Check Valves & Accessories
he billet aluminium, light weight Hot Head Integrating Check Valves are compatible with both PRO & JrPRO Engine Heater units Both 16mm & 19mm diameter ICV are designed to accept push lock hose. Body        with -12AN (I.D.19.05mm), -16AN (I.D. 25,4mm) availabe on special order.
Integrating Check Valve for Hot Head PRO Heater Plug for PRO and JrPRO Hot Head Heater
Both, 16mm & 19mm Integrating Check Valves can be used without hose clamps.